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Nap Time Nutrition

Mar 14, 2021

Join me, along with Bracha Halberstadt, MSW to discuss Overcoming the Thin Ideal... While Parenting!
-What is “the thin ideal?”

-How can we pursue meaningful health?

-How can parenting trigger old, unwelcome thoughts about body image?

Jan 1, 2021

Are you trying to ditch food addiction in 2021? Let's chat about it!

In past segments, I've discussed how food is not addictive. In this segment, Tzivie Pill, MSW, joins me to discuss why seeing food as addictive is problematic and which productive steps can help us to pursue a healthier relationship with food and our...

Sep 20, 2020

Let's talk gardening! Allison Lansman, RDN, LD joins me to chat about the importance of gardening with kids. Listen for practical tips on starting your own garden!

Sep 13, 2020

Whether you breastfeed, formula feed, or do a combination, feeding your baby is what is important! Let's talk about the controversy and how you can feel more confident in the method that's right for your family.

Aug 30, 2020

Join me, along with Stephanie Van't Zelfden, RDN to discuss snack time! How should a snack be different than a meal? Why is it important to offer snacks? Are pre-packaged snacks ok? Where does dessert fit it?

You can find Stephanie on IG and FB @nutritionhungry and on her website at