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Nap Time Nutrition

Mar 29, 2020

Join me, along with special guest Rachel Rothman, MS, RD, CLEC for this discussion on how the sudden change in food supply and isolation changes the feeding dynamic - and how we can best handle it with our kids. We recorded this while both momming at home, so please forgive the background noise.

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Mar 22, 2020

At Baby Bloom Nutrition and Toddler Test Kitchen, I promote food without fear. We should enjoy a variety of foods without guilt or shame. But how do food allergies fit into that picture? Join me, with special guest Natalia Stasenko of Feeding Bytes, to discuss how to best communicate allergies to your child.


Mar 15, 2020

Join me, along with special guest Nechama Finkelstein, LCSW for this episode on Managing Your Emotions!

We all have those moments - we are tired, we are mentally exhausted, and just like a 2-year old, we want to stomp our feet and scream, "It's not fair!" Nechama helps us to understand where these emotions come from and...

Mar 8, 2020

Do you need to eliminate foods during breastfeeding? How do you know if you should? Where do you start? And where does it end? Join me with special guest Meghan McMillin, MS, RDN, LDN, CSP, IBCLC for this Nap Time Nutrition!

Original live video can be found in the video archive on the Baby Bloom Nutrition Facebook page!

Mar 1, 2020

Join me, with Elisheva Weiner, MS, CCP-SLP, TSSLD, for a discussion about all things feeding baby - introducing the bottle to a breastfed baby, and food introduction timing and methods! This is a guilt-free conversation to support some of the many different questions parents have when feeding baby!

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